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Lostprophets Liberation Transmission Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

The 'Prophets do have a remarkable ability to conjure up a colossal chorus, but it's a...

Richard Banks 2004

Six songs into Liberation Transmission, Lostprophets' third full-length release, frontman Ian Watkins sings "The haircut's hot but this has gotta stop, good shoes won't save you this time'. Perhaps he should heed his own advice.Had they spent half as much time cultivating their songs as their floppy fringes, this album could have been quite special.

Instead, it's a missed opportunity. With 2006 quickly becoming the Year Of The Emo, this was the Pontypridd boys' chance to show popular US imports Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco how it's done. Sadly, the bulk of Liberation... is content-light and production-heavy (when will Bob Rock learn?).

The 'Prophets do have a remarkable ability to conjure up a colossal chorus, but it's a trick they overplay here. And some of the album's more cheesy moments, such as the Casio keyboard 30 seconds into "Can't Stop, Got A Date With Hate", can't help but make you cringe.

That said, first single "Rooftops" - a natural sequel to Start Something's "Last Train Home" - is further proof that Lostprophets make radio-friendly summer rock anthems better than anyone else. Trouble is, they know it, and one great single does not an album make.

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