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H-Dhami Sadke Java Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

Well done Rishi – I think you've found a successor!

Tajpal Rathore 2008

After the successful and award-winning first innings of newcomer H-Dhami with his single Sadke Java, he’s back with his first album and the same title, produced under the keen eye of veteran British-Asian music producer, Rishi Rich. Rich's known for his talent-spotting and this album will do nothing less. The Rishi Rich imprint is prevalent all over the album, and rather obscures the talents of H-Dhami. Nonetheless, it's a vivacious and energetic album that guarantees a bobbing listener all summer long!

The title track is the first to hit you and it instantly grabs your attention with jiving beats – plus the remix version is equal to it. Mitra Di Jaan and Nachdi Vekhna should bring back a stream of memories with its recognisable tune and bassline from a couple years back. Perhaps this is playing it too safe, but it does work. Other songs with recognisable tunes include Akh Lad Gayee (the Bollywood original is much hastier), along with a more traditional take on Lute Gaai.

All the songs on this album are quite quick paced though Har Gabroo is a bit mellower. H-Dhami’s vocals take on an unusual quality here, rendering the song endearing and sincere. The same goes for Heeriye – another track that will stand out due to its lingering tune. However the highlight is certainly Dho Nain. Yes it may at first sound like an average tune, but H-Dhami's rendition stands out. For a new artist, he sounds exceptionally seasoned and experienced. Well done Rishi – I think you've found a successor!

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