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Operator Please Yes Yes Vindictive Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

Operator Please have created some unashamedly sunny music.

Jenny Nelson 2008

From thumping opener, Zero Zero, to cute ballad, Pantomime, the debut long player from Australian five-piece Operator Please is a delight. Think The Go! Team with more audible lyrics, or Los Campesinos with a thick layer of pop gloss. Most of the tracks possess the instant familiarity that should belong to all good pop tunes, with the emphasis is firmly placed on fun.

The latest single, Get What You Want, is a highlight, with confident riffs, lyrics like ''I wish I could feed you some Ritalin so maybe I could get a reaction'' and lead singer Amandah's shouty, shouty vocals, culminating in a squeal near the end.

Other favourites include title track Yes Yes Vindictive, Ghost, and Just A Song About Ping Pong; the song which brought the band to most people's attention. In this, Amandah sings so fast her nasal voice is not dissimilar to Bart Simpson, and such a ridiculous title deserves such quality lines as ''you know beef jerky has an aftertaste''.

This isn't to say that every track is a winner. At times some songs may feel repetitive, while others veer off the pop track from bouncy into bland. Other Song makes you yearn for the yelping again, and it would make a suitable soundtrack to a relationship bust-up in Heartbreak High.

With Aussie soap operas in mind, let's use the word 'sassy' to describe Amandah’s vocals. Despite its limitations, her voice is perky and petulant, achieving some depth amidst the sweeping violin in Pantomime at the album's close.

Ultimately, Yes Yes Vindictive is the kind of album that makes you wish you could see the band live. Operator Please have created some unashamedly sunny music that is not completely polished, but sparkling nonetheless.

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