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Einóma Milli Tonverka Review

Album. Released 10 November 2003.  

BBC Review

More dark electronic ambience from the Icelandic goth duo...

Olli Siebelt 2002

Although they share more than a passing influence with their Nordic brethren of Sahko, Beatservice and Dum, Einoma have evolved to become a rather unique presence in the world of new Icelandic music.

Rather than follow the path that leads to Reykjavik's legendary nightclub and music scene, Einoma have opted for a road less travelled; one that leads to desolate and shadowy empty places where treeless landscapes hug the horizon and spirits and elves lurk in the gloom.

Their second full length Milli Tonverka roughly translates to "Music that lies in-between" and indeed, Einoma's duo of Steindar and Bjarnar do reach into the firmament and pull from their electronic husks an essence and soul of great weight and darkness. This is music created with the heart of high technology and the soul of a spirit world not usually seen with human eyes.

"A Floti" treats us to a scattershot drumbeat that creaks and breaks apart at the seams, all while somehow keeping a rhythm intact. Autechre composing music for a ghost story, perhaps? "Lidur Og Laedist" goes even further for the gothic jugular, blending dark synth passages with vocal samples that will make any summer's day a chilling experience. "Eindir" also toys with the emotions, offering pinpricks of melodies echoing Tangerine Dream to an otherwise melancholy landscape of minimal rhythm and background noise.

There are rumours that Icelandic highway engineers sometimes reroute roads around supposed elf dwellings for fear of angering the spirits of the land. Einoma, it seems, have not only approached these spirits willingly but have utilized some of their influences when creating these recordings.

The songs here create an emotional resonance that goes beyond just saying they make haunting music. Instead, they offer a fleeting glimpse of the other, the in-between. A presence that makes itself felt with every listen. Special things happen when the lights go dim. Welcome the darkness and let the magic begin. Highly Recommended.

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