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S Club Juniors Together Review

Album. Released 20 November 2002.  

BBC Review

Boundless energy and bubllegum pop in abundence.

Julie Broadfoot 2002

There areeightS Club Juniors - Rochelle, Aaron, Calvin, Stacey, Hannah, Frankie, Daisy and Jay - aged between 11 and 14 and their road to success has been cleverly paved by the S Club originals (their big brothers and sisters who brought along an instant fan base). Their singles have each reached number two in the charts, this album went straight in at number five and the band has just won Best Newcomer at the Disney Channel Kids Awards.

S Club Juniors have had three huge hit singles and that gives their debut album a lot of hype to live up to. Loads of big name writers and producers have come on board and, although it's definitely not for the grown-ups, the kids' army of fans will love it for its boundless energy and perky bubblegum pop choons.

The first single "One Step Closer" opens the album - it's instantly catchy with stacks of disco sounds while "Automatic High"stay true to the slick S Club 7 style. When you first hear "New Direction" you'd be forgiven for thinking its Kylie - a fantastic dance track, much like "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"with synthetic vocals, easily a club floor-filler even for the post-teens.

There's a whole lotta jivin' going on with a cover of the 60s tune "One Fine Day" with loads of shoobedoopydopwop that would fit happily into a Saturday night telly celeb karaoke special. "Puppy Love" will be the next single - flirty, street skatin Calvin sings Donny Osmond's tale of teenage love "And I guess they'll never know how a young heart feels".

Both covers are a bit of a let down after the run of top tunes and the album has its fair share of bland Steps cast-offs but "Feel The Beat" (a Steps Stomp soundalike is full to bursting with glitterballs) could make it as a single with a bit of a revamp. The title track "Together" is a feel goodnumber and professes the party slogan of solidarity,"It doesn't really matter how old or young, together we are strong".

It's an easy target for critics but for the first-time pop pickers - the bands peers - Together is a nicely produced bundle of inoffensive pop. Hours of fun guaranteed.

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