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The Beatles Love Review

Remix. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

This album is a clever and heartfelt tribute to the most influential and best loved...

Peter Marsh 2006

While there are those who probably feel that remixing the Fab Four is an act of desecration comparable to sticking a moustache on the Mona Lisa, it's fair to say that this album has become one of the most anticipated releases of the year. It's taken two years to produce, and it shows; this is less a remix album than a very sophisticated mash-up.

George Martin's approach to the recording studio was always an experimental one, and neither age or working with Celine Dion seem to have mellowed him. Together with his son Giles, he's taken full advantage of digital technology to create something genuinely challenging and often very moving.

Bits of songs are cleverly grafted together; the opening of "Get Back" features the briefest of snippets from "A Hard Day's Night"; "Strawberry Fields Forever" is built from a combination of demo versions and the finished full recording. "Sun King" is played backwards. The most diehard Beatles obsessive will be kept happy for hours working out how it was all put together.

For the rest of us, this album is a clever and heartfelt tribute to the most influential and best loved band of them all.

A labour of Love indeed.

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