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Tiny Masters Of Today Bang Bang Boom Cake Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

There is something brilliant about hearing the voice of a small child over grungy,...

Helen Groom 2007

If you thought you had to be a teenager to produce a lo-fi punk angst-infused album, with guest slots from Karen O (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs) and Fred Schneider (The B-52s), think again. Tiny Masters Of Today, combined age is 24, have shown exactly how to do it, despite being barely old enough to pick up their guitars.

Comprised of possibly the coolest children you will ever come across, siblings Ivan (age 13) and Ada (age 11), Tiny Masters of Today have been gathering adoring fans where ever they go, and on the basis of Bang Bang Boom Cake, the plaudits being heaped at their feet are fully deserved.

"K.I.D.S." starts off like a riot, knocking you round the head with deliberately discordant vocals, and lyrics describing all the stupid things adults are responsible for. And from that frenetic beginning the pace does not let up for the entire 30 minutes of the album. It is like an aural assault.

"Hey Mr. DJ" is particularly fine, with its simple guitar rift etching itself permanently into your brain, while "Trendsetter" is the kind of song that you wish you had written, urging everyone to reject the corporate world’s definition of cool. "Disco Bomb", "Hologram World" and "Tooty Frooty (Clarke’s Dream Song)" are all fantastic songs as well. You end up reeling at the thought that the people responsible for them are too young to see Die Hard 4.0 at the cinema.

Letting the side down slightly is "Pictures", which is boring and grating. On the plus side, it is only 2 minutes long so the misery is short lived.

Essentially, there is something brilliant about hearing the voice of a small child over grungy, distorted, lo-fi, punky rock and roll tracks. It might sound weird on paper, but it just sounds right.

Of course, you could turn you nose up at this and question how much of this album is down to the producers rather than a pair of precocious kids, but that would be missing the point that this is just good fun to listen to.

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