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F*** Pony Children of Love Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

Jay Haze and Samim have created this new collaborative project not for commercial...

Paul Sullivan 2006

F***pony: not the kind of name that's going to endear you to mainstream radio, major labels or animal welfare groups.

Not that Jay Haze (US, based in Berlin) and Samim (Swiss) give a dang. Known for piping minimal, oddball techno directly into global clubheads, the pair have created this new collaborative project not for commercial acceptance but to explore the underground roots of house and techno music.

Children of Love carries on where recent releases like their Ride The Pony left off; namely, a series of classy amalgams made up of jackin Chicago beats, deep Detroit textures, Traxx claps, acidic wibbles, lascivious vocals - and a contemporary production aesthetic that brings the whole nostalgic exercise smack bang up to date.

A magnificently maximal sigh after time spent indulging minimalist muses, it's impossible not to be moved. Basslines beg, retro motifs nag, voices supplied by Big Bully, Shaniqua and Lil Dirty Ghetto Bastard steer you imperturbably towards the dancefloor.

The sexual pulse of singles such as ""Ride The Pony and "Cellphone", the semi-buried p-funk of "Freaky Stories Of Earth", the infectious bump of tracks like "Get Pony" and "It's Only Music" all these make for a genuinely addictive collection of club-coital classics.

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