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The Fall Are You Are Missing Winner Review

Album. Released 2004.  

BBC Review

Mark sounds bemused to be in middle class locale; but it certainly doesn't stop him...

Trevor Lord 2001

I've never heard of The Fall before, I guess it's my age. They appear to have released over 30 original albums and a host of compilations. They formed in 1977, were a bit like punks (but not really), have gone through numerous line-up changes and are led by singer and songwriter Mark E. Smith. It seems he is the lynchpin of the whole project.

The opening track ("Jim's The Fall") features the murmured refrain 'We are the New Fall'. I don't know why. Up next is the rumbling rock swagger of "Bourgeois Town". Mark sounds bemused to be in middle class locale; but it certainly doesn't stop him sounding arrogant and sexy. 'Crop Dust' is a bleaker and somehow more empty track. I couldn't really hear the words - there might be something wrong with Mark's liver.

A pounding 'Velveteen' bass line drives "My Ex-Classmates Kids". This would be good track to drive to, if you own a car. The next track ("Kick the Can") seems a bit of filler, but all is forgiven by a lovely cover of blue-eyed soul star R.Dean Taylor's "Gotta see Jane". Apparently the band had a hit in the eighties with his Wigan Casino classic "There's a Ghost in My House".

Next comes the Krautastic (in length at least, it goes on for nearly 10 minutes!) "Ibis Afro Man". It's a weird and funny track I couldn't help but like. In fact it seems to be two tracks, which occasionally bump into each other-there's also an extended section of chimp squawking.

"The Acute" and "Hollow Mind" are pleasant enough, quite gentle and ruminative. (This band's no one trick pony.) The album ends up on the wilfully subjective, very long titled, stop start antics of "Reprise: Jane-Prof Mick-Ey Bastardo". Hilarious.

The old men in the office tell me a lot of the Fall's albums are as good or even better than this one. Their rhythmic rock and surreal rants have made me one happy bunny. I'll definitely be spending a few hours in their back catalogue.

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