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I Am The World Out of the Loop Review

Album. Released 2002.  

BBC Review

The debut album from American duo Daniel Geller who creates the quirky electronic...

Jack Smith 2002

I Am The World's "Out of the Loop" arrives on the shelves nearly two years after its scheduled release due, we are told, to delays and tweaking. But thankfully it's worth waiting for.

It is the debut album from American duo Daniel Geller co-founder of Kindercore Records, USA who creates the quirky electronic blips and bleeps, and Amy Dykes who provides the Debbie Harry-esque vocals that compliment the sounds so well.

Geller cut his teeth remixing artists such as the Olivia Tremor Control and Ladybug Transistor and "Out of the Loop" possesses a naïve charm that stems from being recorded, mixed and mastered in its entirety on a Gateway notebook, on a beaten up laptop that Geller claims to clean with his shirt.

Immediate comparisons with Saint Etienne and Cornershop are justifiable as they show their aptitude for indie-centric synthesized pop on songs such as "Metro", "Me To Be" and "Look Around You".

This combination of long-lost samples and synthesized backing vocals meanders through 14 tracks that merge seamlessly into a record that weighs in at just under 45 minutes.

Yet it seems as though hours could be lost in the rhythm as Geller lulls you into his world of danceable grooves and sharp beats while Dykes' voice holds a hypnotic charm.

It is a fresh, bright and uplifting offering though. Instrumental tracks such as "Flute Loops" begin quietly and innocently before the dance beat transfixes the mind and sets the body in motion.

The album's defining moment comes though when Dykes is joined on vocals by, we can only assume, Geller for a track that encapsulates the album and gets, as the title suggests, "Inside Your Head".

So turn up the volume, close your eyes and allow your mind to be overrun by I Am The World's lo-fi cut and paste electropop.

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