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Matt Willis Don't Let It Go To Waste Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

'Real' punk music was always name-checked in Busted interviews, and it's obvious that...

Talia Kraines 2007

Following Busted's break-up, an inevitable spot in rehab and a turn on a reality television show, Matt Willis - née Jay - actually started making waves musically, with pop pundits crawling over themselves to call him 'the new Robbie Williams' after his industry showcase in early 2006. And with his cheeky smile and "I'd like to be his mate" appeal, it's not a bad comparison.

If Matt is Robbie, then Don't Let It Go To Waste is his Life Thru A Lens – a series of mainly uptempo, rocky pop could-be singles co-written with two members of American rock band 'A'. The furiously danceable "Up All Night" complete with a screaming guitar solo is the immediate favourite. While the lighters-in-the-air title track and the heart-tugging "Falling Into You" show off Matt's new found maturity, there are still remnants of the cheeky Busted sound, which sometimes can seem bit tired.

'Real' punk music was always name-checked in Busted interviews, and it's obvious that Matt is doing all he can to emulate that sound. Shout-along anthem "Luxury" sees The King of the Jungle doing an almost perfect impression of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's hoarse singing style, and "Sound of America" almost had us believing our mp3 player had skipped onto a Good Charlotte album.

So that's it. There's nothing wrong with Don't Let It Go To Waste; it's all just a little non-descript. Matt needs to find his edge, and judging by the latest chart positions, needs to find it rather quickly indeed.

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