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Simian We Are Your Friends Review

Album. Released 28 October 2002.  

BBC Review

Most of the grooves are of the strut-tastic sort that go straight to your shoulders,...

Matt Fernand 2002

As we're constantly reminded by a certain TV advert, the world's favourite word is 'OK'.Not bad.All right. The same could be said for much of the world's music.You buy it and it sort of fills a silence and it's OK.

Then along comes a gem like Simian's We Are Your Friends and you realise OK simply isn't good enough. This is what you really wanted - a solid set of songs, engagingly delivered, with a depth and texture that mean you can keep playing and playing it. There's no one stand-out classic on this album. But there are no low points either.It simply storms along in a way that you wish 20 other albums you own would.

The top line is the timeless bit.The vocal on "The Way I Live", for example, has enough sneer and swagger to give the snottiest indie singer a tough time in a bratfight. The softer deliveries, like "Sunshine", are in the English psychedelic tradition and you've heard those harmonies a million times before because they just work.

The music, however, is squelchy, springy, loopy 21st century now.Most of the grooves are of the strut-tastic sort that go straight to your shoulders, which is cool because you're an Indie fan and you can't dance. On the other hand, if you want to turn your Converse into Seven League Boots, slap on "Big Black Gun", crank it up and get stomping. You'll be striding a mile a go before the second chorus.

This is not the classic album you find yourself reaching for whenever you're stuck for a listen. No, this is the one that you find in the tray when you open the CD player, think "great", close it and press play. Every time.

Is that OK for you?

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