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Murderdolls Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls Review

Album. Released 20 August 2002.  

BBC Review

Slipknot sticksman Joey Jordison (unmasked! gasp!) is their guitarist and main...

Amy McAuliffe 2002

Most rock and metal fans will have heard of the Murderdolls, if only for the fact that Slipknot sticksman Joey Jordison (unmasked! gasp!) is their guitarist and main songwriter. He is joined by former Frankenstein Drag Queens From The Planet 13 frontman, Wednesday 13, (vocals) and Static X's Tripp Eisen (guitars). Quite an unholy alliance.

Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls, their debut album, is released by Roadrunner Records, the label responsible for a fair chunk of the big names in Nu-Metal in recent years. All this evidence would suggest artillery-fire drums, brutalist guitars, scary electronic noises, and somewhat po-faced lyrical squealing and grunting.

Happily though, it seems that, like their idol Alice Cooper, the Murderdolls have a well-developed sense of humour, and a pierced tongue placed firmly in their cheek.Wednesday 13's vocal delivery recalls the more recent spookily-dressed man in make-up; Marilyn Manson. The guitar sound and chord progressions are pure New York Dolls with the overdrive turned up LOUD, solidly underpinned by a punky & tight rhythm section.The overall result sounds like The Sex Pistols after Johnny Rotten left, only with Casey Chaos on vocals instead of Steve Jones.

The most refreshing aspect of Beyond The Valley... is the morbidly anarchic and childish humour displayed in the lyrics. In the shaky days after 9/11, it takes a timely irreverence to release songs with titles such as "Kill Miss America" and "Grave Robbing USA"."Motherf***** I Don't Care" is a brilliant send-up of the whole "no-mom-I-wont-tidy-my-room-maggots-like-you-make-me-sick" school of whiney teenage angst so prevalent in a great deal of Nu-Metal lyricism.

There's also a palpable streak of schlock-horror (in the style of the Misfits and The Cramps) which is amusingly evident in "B-Movie Scream Queen" and "Love At First Fright" (a love song dedicated to Regan, the head-turning star of The Exorcist). "Dead In Hollywood" is a deserving single and almost good enough to be mistaken for an Amen tune.

While Beyond The Valley... is unlikely to win any prizes for originality, all in all it's an excellent stomp-along rock record. The only niggle is the slightly monotonous nature of the production, but ignore this in favour of the straightouta 1976 guitars and spend a highly enjoyable 45 minutes pogoing around your bedroom.

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