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Sugababes Three Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

Sugababes have always had a kind of darkness and a reluctant, moody attitude which is...

Alan Braidwood 2003

The good thing about the Sugababes is that it's always been a bit difficult to describe them. They do the opposite of what you think they will. They've never been just pop, although they've released some of the best singles from the last few years. "Overload", "Freak Like Me" and "Round Round" are all fantastic tunes. But Sugababes have always had a kind of darkness and a reluctant, moody attitude which is rare in the Pop Idol/Fame Academy infested world of pop we're now used to.

Three takes it's lead from where their previous album, 2002's Angels with Dirty Faces, left off and takes their sound to the next level. Whereas the last album had the two killer singles, the rest was a mid-paced affair. With Three Keisha, Mutya and Heidi have thrown in some new sounds to play with.

Second track, "Whatever Makes You Happy" uses the bassline from Sly Fox's 1986 hit "Let's Go All the Way". The girls do their own thing over it and make it this albums' "Freak Like Me". There's a slight Bhangra and Latin influence on "Million Different Ways" and more of a hip-hop R'n'B feel on a few of the tracks like "Buster" and "Twisted". While stand out track "Conversation's Over" takes a cheeky look back at the 2000 All Saint classic "Pure Shores".

In short, if you like Sugababes when they do quality pop you've got the first single "Hole in the Head", "Whatever Makes You Happy", "Conversations Over", "Nasty Ghetto" and "In the Middle". But it's not all pop, they are several ballads too. "Caught In A Moment", "Too Lost In You", "Sometimes" and "Maya" all match the quality of "New Year" and "Stronger".

A fresh and exciting album from the Sugababes!

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