Mutiny Yada Yada Review

Album. Released 2004.  

BBC Review

They say that a collection of good dance singles never translates into a great dance...

Lewis Dene 2004

Unlike that other Brixton-based duo, Basement Jaxx, Mutiny, have never quite lived up to their singles reputation since signing to Darren Emerson's imprint three years ago. However I've had a major rethink, as in Yada Yada they've created an album that flies in the face of the adage that good-dance-singles-seldom-translate-into-great-albums; this one of those rare occasions when logic goes out the window.

Messrs Barnes and Davy have created an album choc full of creamy goodness, with the best most definitely left to last. Robert Owens' gospel tones on the blissed-out "Lucky (My Life)" sounding not unlike a contemporary and ethereal update of Joe Smooth's "Promised Land"; worthy of the purchase price alone.

Largely structured around burbling basslines complimented by simple-yet-effective vocal hooks, the formula can be heard on a handful of standouts. Most notably a reworking of their Underwater debut, "Yaself"; Lorraine Cato's gusty vocals feature on both "Do This Thing Together" and the upcoming single, "Holding On" (a remake of their earlier "Piano Thing"). While the bass-heavy "Another Day" sounds uncannily like a funky "Supermen Lovers" production.

Whilst it's unlikely that Basement Jaxx will lose their Southwest London crown just yet, in Yada Yada Mutiny have fashioned an album that combines both taut pop hooks with an irresistible blend of edgy deep-house grooves skilfully straddling the thin line that divides the underground from the mainstream.

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