Star*Bodixa And They Danced On Glass Review

Album. Released 23 April 2003.  

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Beautiful words sum up the world and lodge themselves in your head - 'I wish the...

Lucy Davies 2003

I love this album - I've listened to it dozens of times, which makes writing about it rather difficult: there's so much there that's good.

Star*Bodixa are a relatively new, unheard of band, but it shouldn't be so. From Leeds, they were formed by Anna and Emily, who have been writing songs together from childhood. They seem to have been dogged by bad luck ever since -whilst soundchecking for a showcase gig,armed robbers invaded the venue, and on the way to another, a lorry crashed into their car (true!).

Despite this,Star*Bodixa have created a strong, self assured debut, full of great moments.

So, I'll try to list some of the many highlights of And They Danced on Glass:

Their lyricsdeal with conflicting emotions and irregular subjects. 'Mr Trebus' is about a man who lives in North London, documented on John Peel's TV programme,Life of Grime. He wouldn't throw anything away in his house, until he was living in about 2 square feet of real space. There's a mixture of pity as he is doomed to fail against the authorities; and repulsion as the reality of the stink and decay sets in.

Instrumentation and arrangements are inventive throughout - take 'Balloon Song', which ends in a four-part close gospel style harmony, and the accordion break in 'Film Song' takes on a new, French, Amelie style dimension.

Gorgeous chords and melodies are played with real control and energy - everything seems to be there for a purpose. 'Give Me Rain' is as powerful as Doves' 'The Pounding'. 'Universe' and 'Fairytailed' are uplifting and energetic pop songs, that aren't afraid to be pretty.

Beautiful words sum up the world and lodge themselves in your head - 'Universe':"I wish the universe was smaller, then I could look it in the eye".

It may be naff in print, but not the way that Anna sings it.

If this album isn't in your record shop, get in there and order it. It's time we had an alternative to Nu Punk that we can actually dance to and think about, and this is it. 2003 should be the year for Star Bodixa.

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