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Kylie Minogue Fever Review

Album. Released 26 February 2002.  

BBC Review

By leaving her pure pop roots behind a little Kylie has found a winning formula that...

Jacqueline Hodges 2002

After the years of dalliance with music styles, and floating awkwardly on the edge of popularity, Kylie is now undoubtedly back on top form. Last year's 'Light Years' album saw her digging her heels in, in an effort to reclaim her title as 'Princess Of Pop' from a new generation of all singing and all pouting stars. Now the success of single 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' looks destined to propel 'Fever' to the top of the charts for a good while yet. By leaving her pure pop roots behind a little, to give way to a more daring, dance-floor pleasing sound, Kylie has found a winning formula that pleases both 'the kids' and their salivating dads alike.

'More, More, More', the album's opening track, hears her oozing sensuous vocals over funky bass and disco beats, setting the upbeat tone of the album. Whilst steering just clear of raunch, tracks like the Modjo-esq 'Love At First Sight' and catchy title track 'Fever' use tempting lyrics and suggestive panting to underpin a none-too-subtle good time agenda. The highlight of 'Fever' has to be when Kylie turns down the bpm for a minute during 'Your Love'. An instantly pleasing and warm number that manages to maintain sincerity in it's sweet vocals and pleasant acoustic guitar line. This is however a rare serene moment in what is primarily a bit of an arse-shimmying, glizty-disco affair. Although not ranking high in the originality stakes and branching sometimes into over-produced territory, 'Fever' is at least consistent, with no stand out weak tracks or dodgy fillers. Kylie deserves respect (if only for her longevity and resilience) but as for 'Princess Of Pop'; compared to the likes of Britney and Samantha Mumba, she's more like the Queen Mother. Never mind though, she's got nothing to worry about with this album - it's going to sell bucket loads.

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