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Busted A Present For Everyone Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

Charlie, Matt and James bring us the second dose of their inimitable...

Nikki Smith 2002

Charlie, Matt and James bring us the second dose of their inimitable American-high-school-meets-middle-class-England breed of pop. A Present for Everyone won't be the perfect present for everyone but it's certainly going to be top of the list for many British teenage girls. And how considerate of the boys to bring the album out in time for Christmas.

The catchy opener, "Air Hostess", sets the pace for what you can expect on the album -lots of formulaic but irresistible pop songs complete with air-guitar riffs.

Foot-tappers"Crash The Wedding" and "Loner In Love" are strong tracks but these themes do worry me. Surely Busted who are 20 years old and making a decent living for themselves wouldn't have any problem finding girlfriends. Not so as nearly all of their songs seem to revolve around unrequited love. They're obviously going after the wrong girls and should abandon air hostesses, teachers and brides in favour of a more traditional pairing!

There are a few attempts at rock ballads to balance the pace of the album with "3am", "Meet You There" and "Why", but it's the thrill of the faster pop songs that are more successful.

"Falling For You" and "Nerdy" seem like strong contenders for singles, especially with their video potential. In "Falling For You" I can just see the boys sneaking a girl into their bedroom while their parents are away. "Nerdy" is a fun song and contains one of the many 'laugh out loud' lyrics on the album...'Just because I'm nerdy, and my friends are thirty!'

I admire these boys partly because I don't think they take themselves too seriously. "In Gotta Be Better Than This" they state: 'I'm uncultured but I'm not quite sure what that means'. They far outshine their boy band competitors, not just because of their ability to play instruments but also for the sheer energy and enthusiasm that comes through in their music.

If you do happen to be buying this album for anyone in your household this Christmas make sure you get a listen, you might be pleasantly surprised. <struts air guitar, while launching herself into the air>.

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