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Graeme Revell Freddy Vs Jason Review

Soundtrack. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

It's a showdown billed as Evil vs. Evil, though these two arch-villains are so...

Jack Smith 2003

Come a little closer. No, closer than that. I want to tell you a story so horrible that it will freeze your vital juices and send convulsions through the very fibre of your spine.

At least, it might. Chances are that you've seen it all before. The ever-popular horror genre has mutated once more to marry Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street with Jason Voorhees of Friday 13th fame. It's a showdown billed as Evil vs. Evil, though these two arch-villains are so familiar they almost seem part of the family.

So predictably Graeme Revell's score uses all those pantomime horror motifs. "Girl With No Eyes" has the necessary chorus of pathetic waifs chanting a nursery rhyme. "Gibb Meets Freddy" gets all the tricks out of the special effects box; the scything of slasher knives, the troubling echoes, the fingernails-down-blackboards string crescendos. "Freddy Gets Young Jason" has the familiartormented human shrieks.

But there's more diversity than you might expect. "French Kiss" tinkles on a ghostly domestic piano, while "Stoner Creature" and "Freddy Gets Young Jason" step on the chainsaw rock guitar.

The action sequences in which Freddy and Jason struggle for the title of Head Hellhound are particularly effective, utilising the full sound of the City of Prague Philharmonic. Opening track "The Legend" gets things off to a pacy, almost heroic start with a brassy fanfare announcing the return of the mutilated miscreants. Jason's "Surprise Attack" is startling, suspenseful and magnificently malevolent.

Best of all is "Fight on the Dock", which accompanies the final showdown. Using discordant strings and brass, it's a distorted swansong perfect for two monsters that refuse to lie down.

Although it adds nothing new to the restricted horror genre, this score is really not too horrible at all.

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