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Westlife Turnaround Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

The title's lost on us because this seems like more of the same from the...

Jack Smith 2002

The biggest ever pop act in the UK return with their fifth album called Turnaround. The title Westlife chose is lost on us because this seems like more of the same from the puppy-dog-eyed five piece.

The no-risk chart-topper "Mandy" kicks off proceedings. The song first hit the charts, as "Brandy", 32 years ago before Barry Manilow renamed it "Mandy" and took it to No. 11 in 1975.

The rest of the album is generally full of similarly down-tempo croon-fests. Thankfully, the balladeering is interspersed with upbeat tracks like "Hey Whatever", "Turn Around" and "Thank You" - just in case you feel like nodding off. Now we like a decent ballad as much as the next popster, but it seems like these songs have been around in one form or another over the last couple of albums.

For example the band put a twist on the old classic "When A Man Loves A Woman" by reversioning the song, getting some new lyricsand calling it "When A Woman Loves A Man". And there's a cover of the Mr Big favourite "To Be With You".

So, if the fact that the best songs here are other people's doesn't put you off ("Mandy", "To Be With You"), then you're probably going to find something you like. Meanwhile, we're with Simon Cowell on this one. Average.

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