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Tiny Masters of Today Skeletons Review

Album. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

Ultimately it's as forgettable and naïve as a legion of X-Factor hopefuls

Lou Thomas 2009

Tiny Masters of Today are immediately handicapped by their age. Not that there’s anything wrong with being in a Brooklyn band in your early teens, it's just hard for sibling duo Ivan and Ada (born in 1994 and 1996 respectively) to expect anything but huge jealousy from critics and public alike. At an age when most kids are bored and frustrated with acne and homework, TMoT are releasing their second album.

For the most part Skeletons doesn't flaunt its producers' immaturity and is a scuzzy, lo-fi mess of hisses, scrapes, distortion and industrial beats and occasional Go! Team vocals.

Two Dead Soldiers is typical of the whole album in both quality (average) and sound (cheaply soiled) with its askew Pixies riff, schoolyard cheering and nursery rhyme lyrics.

Big Stick is a far more interesting concoction of scratching, atonal Public Enemy noise and dub atmospherics.

The title track is perhaps the most commercial song present, all sickly vocal from Ada and broken-amp guitar abuse. A perfect theme tune for Skins, should the cult teen sex 'n' drugs show be remade in the US.

Pop Chart is another album highlight, insofar as it sounds like Cornershop's Brimful Of Asha, crossed with beats last heard on an old Wiseguys bigbeat track and a laughable lyric. ''It's all about the money/so rich it isn't funny''.

Naomi Klein won't be caused sleepless nights by such analytical rigour, but hey, the band are younger than her even with a combined age.

Skeletons has trash moments of fun, fizzy punk and packs a certain visceral punch but ultimately is as forgettable and naïve as the legion of X-Factor hopefuls who never make it past the audition stage.

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