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Travis Singles Review

Compilation. Released 2004.  

BBC Review

Unpretentious and generally kings of soft-rock, Travis rule!

Jack Smith 2003

Travis, like Coldplay, have found a comfortable niche in the rock stratosphere as a friendlier and less challenging Radiohead. Fran Healy is a far cheerier and likeable frontman than the scary Thom Yorke and it's quite hard not to like their simple formula of soaring harmonies, pitch-perfect guitar jingle-jangle and expansive melodies.

This greatest hits set spans eight years and four albums and features all of Travis' seventeen singles since 1996. It includes brand new single, "Walking In The Sun" which features the band's trademark soaring harmonies and guitar jingle...(refer to above). At first Travis tunes seem to be doing absolutely nothing but upon repeated listening they just kind of worm their way into your brain, refusing to budge.

They've stuck to the same radio-friendly, laidback acoustic rock formula through minor gems like "Flowers In The Window" and "Writing To Reach You". But their understated stance sometimes throws you off the scent. They can sloganeer with the best of them on the politically motivated "Beautiful Occupation" for instance and the domestic abuse drama of "Re-Offender".

Unpretentious and generally unassuming, they may not be remembered for being particularly radical or wildly innovative but as kings of soft-rock, Travis rule!

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