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The Saturdays Headlines Review

Album. Released 2010.  

BBC Review

Offers some proof that their heartbroken girls-together thing has a lot going for it.

Fraser McAlpine 2010

Anyone looking for value for money from pop music should be aware they’re on a fool's errand. The fiscal value of a song is massively subjective, for starters, and the entire industry is built upon a gold rush mentality. Some of those nuggets aren’t even yellow.

That said, it’s a bit ripe to mix cast-off recordings with previously-released album tracks and present it as a new mini-album, which is what The Saturdays seem to have done here.

The bare facts are these: In October 2009, they released Wordshaker, which featured the singles Forever Is Over and Ego, and a song called One Shot. Now, after a mixed reception, they've unearthed some new songs and padded them out with, well, the singles Forever Is Over, and Ego, and a song called One Shot.

These have been remixed so that they sound the same as they always did.

Of the new additions, Missing You is a stirring ballad which manages to shyly refuse to disclose this fact until you've heard it somewhere in the region of 30,000 times. Despite being likely to top the chart, it has been cited as proof that the band are in some kind of decline.

Which is a shame, because in quality confections like Higher, and the languid Died in Your Eyes, there’s ample proof that the band’s heartbroken girls-together thing still has a lot going for it.

There again, Karma should carry a warning to all pop stars about the pitfalls of trying out snarky lyrics for size. It's essentially an Avril Lavigne cat-call, set to a CBeebies backing and features lyrics which are so dim they actually consider "I hope you choke on some really hot coffee" to be a workable insult.

So, Sats fans, what you get for your money are two potential future hits, four songs you probably already own, one slightly mad album track – Puppet – and a solid-gold clunker. That's not a mini-album, it's a double A-side, or an EP at best.

One Greatest Hits collection could mop up the best of this lot in a flash.

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