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Society Of Imaginary Friends Sadness Is A Bridge To Love Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

Spend some time with imaginary friends. It's really wonderful stuff.

Tim Cunningham 2008

Sadness is a Bridge to Love is an amazing album. Not just for its wonderfully orchestrated music and incredibly rich, vibrant vocals but for the sense it gives of being taken away to a magical new realm. It's strangely reminiscent of lying on the floor listening to early Pink Floyd albums whilst under the influence of nothing but the spare time on your hands. This dreamlike soundscape, which begins with a stroll out on the The Moors, is not left to wallow in its own invention however, and Louise Kleboe beautifully blends the cool of Patricia Kass with the soul of Patty Cathcart to impart an operatic sensation that's at once unnerving yet inviting in its majesty.

I'm sure Odysseus endured a similar right of passage strapped to the mast of his mythic vessel, desperate to fall for the Sirens' song, yet aware it would destroy him if he did. Armed with such fundamental tools of folk music as violins and accordion, Society Of Imaginary Friends take the creative collaboration between Kleboe, Alfie Thomas and Chris Brierly to a fantastical conclusion and call at all stops along the way. For Those Online is a soaring anthem to delight the dedicated social networker of the digital age. The gentle piano accompaniment of Going Home gives way to the exceptionally evocative Night of Power and strident strings of Easy Way, whilst Flower on the Wall is a storming sea shanty that shimmies with sweat and seduction. Not everyone is going to love this album and there will certainly be some that wholly disregard it, but for those that have an openly excited mind this is a rare gem. Spend some time with imaginary friends. It's really wonderful stuff.

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