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The Raveonettes Chain Gang Of Love Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

This record could soundtrack a thousand films. As long as they involve driving across...

Dan Tallis 2003

The Raveonettes are from Denmark. Via 50s gangland America. Chain Gang Of Love is The Raveonettes first full length album following the release of mini album Whip It On. Mind you, when I say full length, Chain Gang Of Love is only 33 minutes long. Yet, somehow they've managed to cram in thirteen superbly dark lo-fi rock tunes.

Few albums provoke such amazing imagery. Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, the two leading stars, look and sound like extras from a 50s US B movie, right up to their film star names.

This film, sorry album, is about "leather and sex" Sharin Foo wistfully informs us on "The Love Gang". A dreamy song that drifts from one riff to another and is over before you know it.

The opening bars of "Let's Rave On" sound like a Cadillac revving its engine at the traffic lights, about to roar away in a headlong race against a bitter gang rival. Suddenly the lights go green, the guitar kicks in and they're off!

"The Truth About Johnny" with its wonderful high pitched guitars and moody vocals brings forth visions of dimly lit, noisy, smoky bars. Bars full of leather clad men & women who look pensive and who smoke aggressively.

There are some wonderful bluesy, twangy moments throughout this record. None more so than in stand out track "Dirty Eyes (Sex Don't Sell)". It features fantastic male - female vocalharmonies and an unrelenting bassline. I'm strangely reminded of Chris Isaak for some reason...And David Lynch.

This record could soundtrack a thousand films. As long as they involve driving across American highways at night. OK, each song does sound pretty similar to the last one. Probably because they're all written in B-flat major (the previous album was written entirely in B-flat minor). But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. They've found a niche sound. It works for them and they're sticking to it!

Chain Gang of Love. Showing at a Record store near you now!

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