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Memfis The Wind Up Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

Four Swedish chaps who decided that admiring a Picasso statue was a bit boring...

Ben Ashmore 2007

Let me introduce you to the picturesque Swedish town of Krstinehamn. Described as a ‘summer idyll’ by its very own tourism board this little known fishing town boasts a 15 meter Picasso statue, the oldest rune stone in the country, a respected folk museum, oh, and brutal metallers Memfis: Four Swedish chaps who decided that admiring the Picasso statue was a bit boring and decided to spend their time crafting surprisingly good metal tunes.

Memfis, aware of the pitfalls of metal-by-numbers, deftly step around the carcasses of wannabe Satan-botherers and deliver an impressive album that calls up images of the much-lauded Dillinger Escape Plan. Each track has been crafted perfectly to deliver some viciously fast thrills, melodic funk, trippy pyschedelia – which seems to have been borrowed from fellow Swedes, Dungen – and some good old fashioned industrial rock – with some head nodding towards Rammstein. All coming in at just 3 minutes.

Often when a metal band attempts to switch between styles during one song they can often produce a track that sounds cobbled together. The brilliance of Memfis is in the fluidity of their songs. Take '‘Forever Discounted'’, which starts off as early Brand New then decides to change into some impressive heavy metal before breaking down into Iowa-era Slipknot and finally ending in a piece of music which calls up images of the Vangelis soundtrack to Blade Runner.

Exciting things lie ahead for Memfis. It seems that for heaviness of quality, on just has to look north...

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