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Gabrielle Dreams Can Come True: Greatest Hits, Volume 1 Review

Compilation. Released 2001.  

BBC Review

Provides the listener with the chance to hear the cream of Gabrielle's output.

Jacqueline Hodges 2002

Christmas is upon us once more and again we are flooded with a tide of Greatest Hits and Best Of's, some more dubious in their claims than others. Gabrielle's Greatest Hits collection 'Dreams Can Come True' does just what it says on the tin. Crammed with an impressive track record of 11 Top 10 singles (including 2 No. 1's) and a further 5 that landed comfortably in the Top 30; as the lady herself comments, "Not bad for a little girl from Hackney".

Since her '93 'Dreams' debut, Gabrielle has notched up an impressive portfolio of sophisticated and soulful pop, carving a niche for herself as an accessible pop diva. Her voice has always held a distinctive strength over many of her peers, the slightly nasal, unusual tone gives her a unique star quality that carries her through even her weaker songwriting moments.

'Dreams Can Come True' is a chronological journey through Gabrielle's career to date. Spanning four albums, this collection is an autobiography of her life over the past decade. She is an artist who is sincere and openly emotive in her lyrics. Combined with the radio-friendly sound that has made tracks like the self-fulfilling 'Rise', and the Gladys Knight sounding 'Give Me Just A little More Time' so familiar, Gabrielle's success lies in her audience's ability to relate to her simple tales of emotion. Although maybe too mushy for some, to the casual fan, by dispensing with the sometimes bland and uninspired filling of previous albums, 'Dreams Can Come True' provides the listener with the chance to hear the cream of Gabrielle's output. The highlight has to be the Bacharach cover of 'Walk on By' - Dionne Warwick version classic it's not, but still a respectable performance. Bringing us right up to date with the Bridget Jones' Diary endorsed 'Out Of Reach' and recent hit 'Don't need the Sun To Shine (to make me smile), this really is the ultimate collection for any fan.

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