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Trickbaby Chor Bazaar Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

Trick Baby have struck gold once again with their second offering.

Pam Cheema 2008

After the runaway success of their debut album, Hanging Around, in 2004, Trickbaby have struck gold once again with their second offering, Chor Bazaar. The album sees the band continue with a dreamy blend of classic Indian beats and western vocals. The material is inspirational in terms of its production standards, lyrical output and delivery. There are some really interesting aspects within the music; the range of instrumentation is vast, but never detracting from the ever-present tone.

Trickbaby streamline their sound to centre on synth-driven lines, giving many of the tracks a cutting-edge acoustic-electro feel. The album features a selection of 11 infectious tracks and guest appearances by Gogol Bordello's Eugene Hutz (vocals), Sergey Ryabtzev (violin), Yuri Lemeshev (accordian), and Marcella Detroit (harmonica). These artists give the album an extra appeal, and shift the dynamic nicely.

The female vocals of Saira Hussain are simply amazing, making the album a compelling listen. It is hard to find flaws with tracks like Crisis, a slow, gentle track constructed with strings and guitars, and Light Up My Life which allow Saira to show off her vocal depth. East/West vocals and melodic instrumentation work perfectly to compliment each track.

The sound of Chor Bazaar offers real substance which never fails to get the adrenaline flowing. The delicious mishmash of eclectic beats and soft, down-tempo vocals make it a solid, polished album expanding on the sound that Trickbaby crafted in their debut. An enjoyable album.

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