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Moha! raus aus stavanger Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

Debut from young Nordic improv guitar/drums trio puts the fun back into free improv.

Peter Marsh 2006

Wow. Just when it seemed that free improv had disappeared up its own fundament into tedious ultra-minimalist posturing or equally boring high volume flailing around, along come a couple of Norwegians and make it all seem fun again. Curses.

Did I say fun? No, it is, really. Moha! offer a kind of arhythmically funky heavy metal musique concrete, sourced from electric guitar, drums and a laptop. Very much like the UK's own criminally underrated Bark! (what is it with bands and exclamation marks?), they crunch, roar, crash, burn and bleep through ten concise improvs with surgical precision.

Imagine Supersilent on a combination of steroids and strong lager and you might be close; not for the fainthearted, but at high volume this is a gleeful, joyful noise worth experiencing.

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