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Wetdog Enterprise Reversal Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

This is still an endearingly ramshackle mess of a record that's best appreciated for...

Rob Crossan 2008

A twenty-one-track debut album is hardly the most conventional approach for a new band to take but riding on the seat of their pants is most definitely the style for London three-piece Wetdog. Drummer Sarah Datblygu claims that the band had no interest in replicating their live sound (which has seen them tour with the likes of Pete And The Pirates and Good Shoes) on the album, though strangely, and sometimes unfortunately, the sound on Enterprise Revival is so trembly, raw and toilet venue-esque in places that you can almost feel the soles of your old 'Vans' getting covered in warm lager while you queue up for the cloakroom.

The music on offer here is a frustrating mixture of the stripped down, joyous brevity redolent of the 5,6,7,8's – see the fabulous rockabilly stomp of My Derelict in particular. In others though, ambition never seems to go much beyond trying to ape the sound of The Fall in the mid-80’s with vocalist Rivka Gillieron doing a spirited, impression of Brix Smith that leaves you wondering quite what the point of this exercise is other than showing competent admiration for bands before them.

It's not easy on occasion to reconcile this with the year 2008 at times, coming across as it does in places of watching the support act to Subway Sect playing live in the upstairs room of a pub in Hyde in 1978. However, this is still an endearingly ramshackle mess of a record that's best appreciated for its unprocessed zeal rather than its reluctance to break new ground.

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