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Gallops Yours Sincerely, Dr. Hardcore Review

Album. Released 2012.  

BBC Review

Welsh outfit releases one of 2012’s most resounding debuts.

Reef Younis 2012

Two years is a modern eternity in the buzz battle of debut albums, but it’s a period that Gallops have determinedly waited out.

In 2010, they were a band ticking all of the Errors- and Battles-inspired boxes, combining infectious electronica and apocalyptic breakdowns with writhing math-rock.

Their Gallops EP left an immediate, hook-laden impression. It contained songs of impact, if not longevity. But now the early hallmarks of the band’s surging, technical intent have flourished, their sound impressively crystallised on Yours Sincerely, Dr. Hardcore.

Beginning with the dark matter detonation of Astaroth, it’s quickly apparent that the Wrexham-based band has an appetite for destruction. This is a set that never feels too far away from ferociously igniting as the opener’s curtain-up crescendo quickly scuttles into the busy electronica of Jeff Leopard – a movement subsequently mirrored in the coruscating drama of Crutches.

Determinedly building everything up to furiously tear it down, Crutches is a virulent finale that gloriously kicks this rampaging album into a violent orbit. But sandwiched between such crashing bookends, the meat of Yours Sincerely… quickly evolves into a relentless exercise in amp-destroying bombast and unremitting energy.

With the death of every electronic upsurge, a new one is already swelling, driven by Dave Morait’s formidable presence behind the drums and the weaving, digital intricacies Mark Huckridge and Paul Maurice intelligently create.

Never content to sit behind a steady formula, Gallops revel in the complex, and demonstrate an unerring confidence in balancing booming force with an adventurous, technical competence. G is for Jaile plays out like a session jam, a constantly shifting amalgam of structures and signatures showcasing the band’s proficiency without sounding like an exercise in indulgence.

Given the time and opportunity, that’s exactly what Yours Sincerely… could have been. But this album hits too hard, too heavy and too gloriously to be anything but one of 2012’s most resounding debuts.

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