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Athlete Vehicles & Animals Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

Vehicles & Animals is as bright and breezy as a beautiful sunny morning at the coast,...

Dan Tallis 2003

"Just let yourself go" sings Joel Pott on Athlete's debut release Vehicles & Animals. If you know what's good for you follow his advice; listen to this superb album with abandonment!

As a music fan, I'm always looking to find something new. Most bands flounder while trying to discover new sounds. They try using the latest (or even old) equipment or they seek out new song structures.

Athlete, however, are a rarity, they make music that I've never heard before and it sounds fantastic. Infectious tunes fill this album from start to finish. Tracks such as "El Salvador", "Shake Those Windows", "You've Got The Style" and "You Know" are all great indie pop songs. There really isn't a bad song here.

One minute we've got Pott's part sung, part spoken vocals a capella, the next we have shimmering guitars which then give way to a dance beat that Fat Boy Slim would be proud of. There's a great selection of electronic trickery, squelchy noises and kooky beats on display here that only the Beta Band can match. Despite exploring these eclectic sounds and styles each tune is held together seamlessly. The result is 12 great songs you'll find bouncing around your head for some time to come.

The band has been lovingly nurtured by their Record label, Parlophone, in the same way that a manager would take care of his new star striker. Their debut appearance, "The Athlete EP", came over a year ago. Since then two single releases have given us a taster of things to come. And now the album gives the fans what they've been waiting for. Parlophone gave Athlete plenty of time to refine their sound so that they could produce an album they were completely happy with. If only more bands were afforded such luxury the music industry might be in a healthier state.

Vehicles & Animals is as bright and breezy as a beautiful sunny morning at the coast, sure to blow away your cobwebs and leave you smiling and happy.

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