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Infadels Universe In Reverse Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

Infadels will win over plenty of new friends on the festival circuit this summer.

Ian Wade 2008

Having come to our attention when John Peel declared himself a supporter, as well as winning a Diesel Award, the London-based fivesome, Infadels, signed to Wall Of Sound and knocked out a cracking debut album with the hoho title of We Are Not The Infadels. Along with ‘sixth member’ and all-round sonic genius, Jagz Kooner, assisting, they combined to create a merry noise that fitted nicely into their dance-based template.

After that initial success, the band became an undeniably exciting live prospect, grooving their stink around the world's venues. Now back after a wobbly couple of years, Bnann, Wag, Richie, Matt and Alex, along with uber producer, Youth, are fighting fit, with an eye on wider vistas than the confines of the dance tent.

Buoyed by the splendidly jumpy, singalong single Free Things For Poor People, which should be the first song anyone will reach for when traipsing into work on a sunny morning, the rest of Universe In Reverse certainly shows a more pop direction. Circus Of The Mad pumps along like a less irritating Hard-Fi, and the likes of Play Blind and Chemical Girlfriend have slight echoes of Snow Patrol. Code 1, on the other hand, would be a cracking set-opener, showcasing their hybrid perfectly.

Universe In Reverse doesn't outstay its welcome, and works perfectly in certain environments. While you're not hurrying to play it again, there's a handful of great moments to revisit. One thing's for certain; Infadels will win over plenty of new friends on the festival circuit this summer.

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