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Lemon Jelly Space Walk/Return To Patagonia Review

Single. Released 7 October 2002.  

BBC Review

New double A side single from the gloriously unclassifiable Lemon Jelly. If this is a...

David Silverman 2002

They might have received enough praise already, but when the music is this good, you've just got to give them even more. "Space Walk" is the first single to be taken form Lemon Jelly's long awaitedsecond album, Lost Horizons, and shines just as brightly as anything they've done previously.

Inspired by the Apollo space missions, "Space Walk" uses spoken word samples taken from the first moon landing in 1969 and melts them effortlessly into a warm, organic groove as low slung as your belt-less jeans. With layers of wistful guitar arpeggios and tinkly water drop pianos, "Space Walk" should also cheer up a few ad men looking for the music to their next car-driving-down-long-winding-road advert.

There's nothing particularly new or revolutionary here, but its all done with an infectious enthusiasm and summery gusto that makes "Space Walk" almost impossible to dislike. However, part of the Lemon Jelly signature seems to be that omni-present, arpeggiated acoustic guitar which is there on virtually everything they write these days much more so than on any of the tunes from the 3 EPs that together formed the first album.

On the flip, "Return to Patagonia" is crammed full of nifty little samples and, as such, is probably more suited to the more discerning cut 'n' paste fetishists out there. Its also great to hear something where the presence of a sultry saxophone doesn't necessarily equate to cheesy-lounge jazz and Lemon Jelly pull this off effortlessly with the help of oh-so-funky double bass and subtle string samples.

Set against a backdrop of light, airy breaks, they create a gentle and contagious rhythm that should come with a Warning: Smooth sign on the packet. There's a sleek production throughout that matches up to the expensive, leather bound sleeve which, I assume, will make sure it wont slip off your coffee table.

Lemon Jelly are still impressively unclassifiable, never take the easy route and always aspire to make music which is much more than the sum of its parts. This is arty, melancholic and gentle - and just a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming long-player. Well worth investigating.

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