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Kate Walsh Tim's House Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

If you’re a sucker for harmonies there are plenty of good ones on offer here.

Lizzie Ennever 2007

Kate Walsh has certainly become a pin-up of the ‘digital age’. After her song “Talk Of The Town” was iTunes’ Free Single of the Week back in March, this album (her second) shot straight to No 1 on the UK iTunes chart – knocking veterans Take That from the top spot. She went from bedroom singer to ‘the next big thing’ almost overnight, and although she’s never going to be as big as Joni Mitchell (who people insist on comparing her to), Tim’s House is pleasantly surprising. She does have a lovely, soft voice and there are definitely some highlights that would make me listen to it again.

If you’re a sucker for harmonies there are plenty of good ones on offer here – both “Your Song” and “Talk Of The Town” are full of them and get the album off to a relaxing start. On the latter there’s even a hint of accordion which is nice to hear – an instrument that certainly doesn’t get enough airtime on mainstream radio…

“Is This It?” and “Don’t Break My Heart” are a trifle dull but “Betty” is a great song, reminiscent of Nick Drake and definitely one for a cosy night in when it’s cold and wintry outside. However, “Goldfish” would have made a better ending for the record than the slightly forgettable “Fireworks”, which leaves you feeling a bit despondent and disappointed.

Ms Walsh is only in her early twenties and still developing her style; she undoubtedly has more to offer. Put it this way, if you wandered into your local pub to listen to some live music on a rainy Sunday night and she came on, you’d be glad you’d heaved yourself off the sofa and gone out, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to stay until the end.

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