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Avishai Cohen Continuo Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

Seventh solo album from the preternaturally gifted double bassist.

Peter Marsh 2006

Avishai Cohen first came to the public eye as a member of Chick Corea's band, where he soon established himself as one of the most dynamic and technically gifted double bassists around.

His interest in rock, ethnic and dance musics has worked against him slightly in the past, resulting in a string of albums that were impressive if a little unfocussed; a little bit too 'kitchen sink' in their approach.

Continuo bucks that trend. Working with usual cohorts Sam Barsh and Mark Guiliana (piano and drums respectively), Cohen keeps things simple, only embelleshing the basic trio with Amos Hoffman's fleet-fingered oud. This adds a touch of exotica to what otherwise sounds remarkably like EST on steroids.

Cohen is an astonishing bassist and his partnership with Guiliana and Barsh is as tight as it gets. Though occasionally the band's flat-out dynamic can get a little wearisome, Continuo is an exhilarating ride...and when Cohen goes electric on the title track, you could almost be listening to the acceptable face of fusion.

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