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Funk D'Void Volume Freak Review

Album. Released 2004.  

BBC Review

Third album from Australian/Swedish techno genius Lars Sandberg. Swirling melodies,...

Jack Smith 2004

Lars Sandberg believes dance music should be played loud... very loud. Who knows, maybe his hearing's going? Follow his example and crank up Volume Freak. What bursts forth from the speakers is without question a thing of great beauty.

From the outset, Sandberg's third LP (1997's Technoir and 2001's Do's) is mesmerising. The opening bars of the already near classic "Emotional Content" draw us in to a swirling, techno opus that is rich in melody and large on percussion. Witnessing its effect on the floor it's easy to see why most DJs have rated this top of their chart at some point in the last six months. Once this bad boy drops you know you're up there with the gods!

The album's second single "All That Matters", though not as eye watering, is another high point. A meatier and more aggressive affair this is further demonstration of Lars' astute production ability.

Funk D'Void has taken a leaf out of Underworld's book and layered vocals over several of the tracks here. Whilst "Way Up High" doesn't quite gel, the lyrics and delivery on "Can't Get Enough Of A Bad Thing" cuts the proverbial moutard (especially the extended version on the vinyl edition of the album) and adds warmth and soul to the spiralling, techy work out.

"Electrix 313" makes aforay in to the realm of electro. Yet, rather than subject us to the sparse, zero-funk factor grindings that so often becomes the genre,Lars layers strings and keys over fizzing percussion to propel the track's stomping arithmetic skyward.

It is interesting to note the effect that moving from Glasgow to Barcelona has had on the music of Funk D'Void. The gritty-urban-landscapes-factor has been replaced by more optimistic motifs; palm trees, blue skies, beaches and incredible architecture. It is the warmth, soul and beauty of Volume Freak that make this an essential addition to your CD collection.

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