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Corker/Conboy Radiant Idiot Review

Album. Released 8 March 2004.  

BBC Review

Bomb the Base alumni Corker and Conboy find time to release a second album...don't...

Olli Siebelt 2003

The boys from Ape and Soul Circuit are back! Working not only across Tim Simenon's Electric Tones label but also having finishing the latest Bomb The Bass record, the London duo of Adrian Corker and Paul Conboy have certainly been busy little beavers over the past year.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the duo went straight from studio to studio and have created one of the most sensuous releases of the year thus far.

Teaming up with the likes of Will Husband, Ian Dixon, John Mathias and former Can engineer John Podmore, Corker and Conboy's incorporation of real instruments along with a sprinkling of synths and drum machines reveals exquisite melodies and layers that hint of the next evolution of the post-rock soundscape.

"Doom Creeps With Clammy Hands" and "Portland Grove Am" both remind one of a Sun-Ra influnced Tortoise, blending simple and tightly wound repetitive melodies with a distinct electric bass sound and live feel to them. But while its live band approach is to be appreciated, so too is its comfortable minimalism.

"Sensitive To Soap" almost blows the house down by incorporating nothing but simple processed guitar loops and a simple shaker rhythm.

There are a lot of releases out there that try to do this sort of thing. While most are competent enough, Radiant Idiot doesnt resort to studio trickery to get its point across. The songs here are strong and will stick with you for weeks.

In the end, it is Radiant Idiot's simple approach to making music the old fashioned way that lets it shine with a light all its own.

Dont miss it.

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