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Jesse Rose What Do You Do If You Don't Review

Album. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

This is a dance classic in the making.

Elle J Small 2009

Thank the speaker lords for Jesse Rose. Just when dance music got oh-so dull, along comes a producer with a rip-roaring sound to give house music a much-needed injection of fresh.

While this forward-thinking Brit has already achieved cult-like status on the underground, it will be this - his solo debut - that propels the name Jesse Rose in to the stratosphere.

What Do You Do If You Don't? blurs the boundaries between house, pop, electro and rap. Appealing to a wide audience has been paramount to the success of names like Prodigy, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim and Hot Chip (who feature). 2009 sees Rose puts on those very dancing shoes.

Setting the standard with contagious opener Forget My Name (featuring aforementioned dance geniuses, Hot Chip), Rose delivers a bouncy, bubbly, shoulder-shaking club hit. A punchy, gruff bass-line, clever melodies and brilliant vocals all feature.

Next up is 50s-styled shindig, Well Now - as kitsch as Cath Kidston, this corker brims with funk, blues and electrified ska, if there is such a thing. On the flip, Pop Yer Porn is a dirtier, harder affair altogether, with ear-piercing bleeps and bass.

Miss Taker, featuring the post-punk raps of David E Sugar, has 'cross-over' scribbled all over it, with its crunk influences, bumpy beats, futuristic samples and cartoonish fantasies.

Meanwhile, certified club classics include the crescendo-fuelled Wine Gum, dirty electro cut, Asided and the ear-splittingly good You're All Over My Head.

Oh and then there's the beautiful, lounge-house of Never Ending and the brilliant Night At The Dogs, sampling Moondog's masterpiece, Birds Lament. Rose's version brings a classic up-to-date, although you could argue that Mr Scruff has already been there and done it.

But rather than just endlessly praising the works of Jesse Rose, we instead urge you to sample the goods for yourself. This is a dance classic in the making.

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