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Fall Out Boy Folie A Deux Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

Emo teens with eyeliner all over the globe will be wetting their skin-tight black jeans!

Elle J Small 2008

''We have never been a critically acclaimed band'', scribbled Fall Out Boy's bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz on his blog just days before completing the band's latest album. At least he's not disillusioned. Genius album artwork aside, there is little about Folie À Deux that will float even the kindest critic's boat. Much like their previous efforts, Fall Out Boy's fifth studio LP is punk-pop for emos, not journos. The boys couldn't care less though, having sold over 6.5 million units and counting.

It is easy to attack Folie À Deux, with its jarring lyrics (''Throw your cameras in the air/ Wave them like you just don’t care''), samey, samey upbeat, over-emotional tracks and shameful cover (Michael Jackson's Beat It - why even bother going there?). It is also easy to see how its blatant cheesiness and commerciality could win young fans over worldwide. Brimming with catchy hooks that creep under your skin like dirty nicotine, feel-good drums and karaoke-friendly 'life' lyrics, this album has 'top ten' scrawled all over it. Sad but true.

Emo teens with eyeliner (and that's just the boys) all over the globe will be wetting their skin-tight black jeans after just one spin of Folie À Deux. If you don't fit in to that category, however, it is highly likely you'd rather eat sawdust than listen to the Fall Out Boys.

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