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Ween The Friends EP Review

EP. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

More frat boy antics and tasteless jokes. Awesome, dude...

Jim Young 2007

Ween having been bashing out genre confused albums since 1990, razing their way through styles as diverse as country, funk, and hard rock, mimicking accurately and stuffing their creations with satirical, sometimes humorous, sometimes obnoxious lyrics. Their fans think they are dead clever, their detractors think they are just plain irritating. They are defiantly love ‘em or hate ‘em.

Offered up as a stopgap to loyal devotees to get them through a four year drought of original material, this EP is as eclectic as ever. It’s a gay sex, drugs, and rock and roll tour de farce.

The chief snag is the title track, “Friends”. It coats your palette so badly that everything after smacks of cheese. Moulded by the production genius behind the Crazy Frog ring tone its eurodance stylings will no doubt get the après ski dance floors of Italy and Austria pumpin’. What little charm it builds up during the Pet Shop Boysesque verses is manically frittered away during the nauseating chorus. It is such a perfect parody that it isn’t funny. It will probably be huge.

Darkly humorous “I Got To Put The Hammer Down” is the electronic rock and roll sorbet that goes some way to blasting the bad taste away with an excellent squelching electro riff and such lyrics as ‘I was strung out on a heroin kick, with the cops and the government on my dick’. We then hop over to the Caribbean for the competent but soulless ”King Billy” whose key original contribution to the reggae tip is a lengthy and migraine inducing synthetic buzz saw solo at the end. “Light Me Up” is the latin love child of Carlos Santana and Ricky Martin. The kid inherited Martin’s lyrics but got Carlos’s fret work – nice solo.

The finale “Slow Down Boy” is almost worth the entrance fee. A fine pastiche of mid 80s synthy ballads it contains the trouser dropping line ‘Lay back and let him blow you away – yeah-eah!’ They put it at the end because you can’t follow that.

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