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Red Light Company Fine Fascination Review

Album. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

Already lightly blessed by good time associations.

Keira Burgess 2009

Continent spanning perfectionist quintet Red Light Company finally decide the time is prime to display their unashamedly populist debut wares.

Red Light Company are a stadium band in waiting. Their single Meccano is already linked with the terraces courtesy of Football Focus, and its companion tracks on Fine Fascination lend themselves to nothing if not a big crowd and the open sky.

Formed from an ad less than two years ago - an ad that was evidently so appealing that it drew bassist Shawn away from his native Wyoming via a protracted visa problem - the band are a truly eclectic bunch with roots in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Scotland, Wales and, less exotically, commuter belt Maidenhead.

Their lack of shared history compensated for by an extensive and deliberately instigated period of rehearsals during which they made no live appearances, the band finally launched themselves with the tellingly polished single With Lights Out. Meccano followed, but it was the anthemic indie of Scheme Eugene, with its emphatic singalong chorus, "what you don't have, you won't miss it when you're gone", that really pricked the ears of those outside the realms of new bands list compilers and industry scenesters.

Mainstream commercial success is surely only a matter of time: fourth single Arts and Crafts is keys-heavy and just inventive enough in its chorus to catch the attention and stick. When Everyone Is Everybody Else seems to mix the emotive elements of Coldplay's Yellow and Blur's The Universal, while The Alamo is cleverly descriptive in its galloping pace.

Already lightly blessed by good time associations, this album is primed and ready to go down for prosperity as the soundtrack of many people's 2009.

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