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Takagi Masakatsu Journal for People Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

Masakatsu documents the everyday in sound and vision. Beautiful stuff.

Peter Marsh 2002

While much contemporary digital art seems bound up in what writer Rob Pepperell has called 'The Posthuman Condition', Takagi Masakatsu's fragile, unpretentious music and visuals take a very different, human path.

Journal for People is well named - the accompanying DVD pairs Masakatsu's glitchy electro-acoustic miniatures with treated video footage of ordinary people at leisure; swimming, on funfair rides, ice skating. The combination is hypnotic, sometimes beautiful, and suffused with a faint air of nostalgia.

The same goes for Masakatsu's music, which works just as well without the visuals. Gentle pileups of guitars, pianos and accordions sketch simple, bucolic themes that are drizzled with glitches and effects; the impression is of listening to an old, badly treated tape where the oxide has flaked off, leaving only faint traces of its original contents.

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