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New Young Pony Club Fantastic Playroom Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

Hotly-tipped dayglo disco scamps finally release their saucy debut. Yummy...

Nickie Latham 2007

Regardless of what you think of the new rave youthquake, you have to agree that cramming a range of bands under one musical umbrella - even if it has a big smiley face on it - diminishes the impact of their individual sound.

And of all the so-called new ravers, New Young Pony Club don't need any glowshtick to bathe them in luminescence. Their celestial synths, heavenly hooks and spike-heeled attitude should give them all the attention they need.

The heavy based electro-robotics of their breakthrough single ‘'Ice Cream'’ are as arresting now as they were on first release a year and a prominent TV ad campaign ago. Can the rest of the album live up to the majesty of the aforementioned?

You bet your sweet little disco-punk sensibility it can. ''Get Lucky'' works the frosted Ice Cream formula - an aloof, pouting verse, leading to an ecstatically climactic chorus. ''The Bomb'' takes on some B52-styled harmonies with a cocky, 21st century twist. ''Jerk Me'' snarls a masochistic lyric against neon-lit Numan-esque synths, while '‘Talking Talking'' whispers and slinks its way into secret ambient places.

Where the amphetamine rush of rave replaces the need for other kinds of bodily pleasures, Fantastic Playroom is all about creeping, seductive builds, delayed gratification, playful, provocative lyrics and explosive pay-offs. Tahita Bulmer's vocals, falling somewhere between dominatrix and breathy temptress, couple with the cold electro-sounds in something close to perfection.

Sitting prettily with your CSS, LCD Soundsystem and Le Tigre albums and making lyrical reference to Talking Heads, Fantastic Playroom teases, but ultimately delivers the promise of lasting pleasure.

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