The Bee Gees Love Songs Review

Compilation. Released 2005.  

BBC Review

They are damned fine songwriters - up there with the best when it comes to exploring...

Matt Harvey 2005

The Bee Gees? Now there's a band with some dodgy baggage...tight trousers, sibling rivalry, half arsed come backs -they even released a record called Cucumber Castle; surely a contender for most ridiculous album title ever!

But there's a reason why we know their history so well and that's because they are damned fine songwriters, up there with the best when it comes to exploring love's fickle heart. Included here are such classics as the much covered "To Love Somebody" and the note perfect "How Deep Is Your Love".

But...there are some awful tracks; "Lovers and Friends" and "Wedding Day" - a diet of candy floss would be more wholesome. So be warned, despite moments of genius, to listen to this album end to end you'll need a very sweet tooth indeed.

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