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Limp Orion Review

EP. Released 2002.  

BBC Review

...a very pretty and impressive release from a talented group of musicians...

Olli Siebelt 2002

Kicking around their native Odense (thats Denmark by the way), for the past ten years, Limp arent exactly a proper 'band' but rather a collective of musicians already well established on the electronic music scene. In the past, these guys have released projects such as Syntaks (Static Caravan), Manual (Morr) and Aerosol (Active Suspension) and all fit into the ambient/electronica category. For those who arent familiar with these projects, this collaborative release serves as an excellent introduction to a Danish collective that are doing some really impressive things with ambient guitar work at the moment.

The band themselves have described themselves to be inspired by intelligent electronica and Chicago post-rock and thats a pretty good summary of whats going on here. Floating effortlessly between ambient atmospherics and processed guitar, Limp are a musical outfit who are clearly aware of the difference between what constitutes a song rather than just a composition and have come up with a lovely little CD that is equally reminiscent of Mogwai as it is Godspeed You Black Emperor!, The Orb or even early Autechre.

Orion kicks off with Towards, a beautiful opener that builds into a multi-layered piece of sparse guitar chords floating over a shifting rhythm section of soft breakbeats and reversed cymbals. From there on in, the disc simply ebbs and flows with a comforting state of warmth throughout the six tracks here.

Perhaps its the analogue instrumentation here that gives this release such a warm resonant feel. Pieces like the somber Interstellar and the gorgeous title track really see the band show off its true colours, each of the band members playing off against one another without a click track in sight.

For some odd reason, Denmark has always been sympathetic to the more delicate composer (even Black Metal hero King Diamond had a taste for the melodic!) and Limp slides right in between the childlike melodies of a label like April and the darker guitar based ambience of releases on Euphonious, another excellent Danish label.

If you're into the sound of bands like Tortoise, Mogwai, Pan American, etc.. - Im afraid you'll just have to add one more CD to that shopping list. This is a very pretty and impressive release from a talented group of musicians we would definitely love to see live. Nice!

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