Will Young Keep On Review

Album. Released 2005.  

BBC Review

Proof that sometimes, these talent shows actually work to give us, the public, what we...

Lucy Davies 2002

What a relief: a perfect pop album. In Keep on, Will Young continues in his quest to veer as far away from the slushy cover TV ballads, and onto critical acclaim. Co-writing most songs, reflective, non-naff, lyrics are backed by instrumentation reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, (hear toe-tapper "Happiness") wrapped in the warm production of Steve Lipson.

Ultimately, Will's thin voice will never be the easiest listen, but he can be forgiven, since he sings so well, and so impassioned. The album falls into two genres: beautiful lush torch ballads, like "Who am I", "All Time Love" and "Save Yourself", whilst stand out tracks "Madness", "Keep it on" and "All I Want" are driven funky little numbers. If you've never had time for TV talent contest winners, here make an exception - it's the single proof that sometimes, these shows actually work to give us, the public, what we really need.

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