Various Artists I Love You, Beth Cooper Review

Soundtrack. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

A messy, unnecessary and utterly forgettable soundtrack.

Michael Quinn 2009

Larry Doyle's coming-of-age novel I Love You, Beth Cooper won its author the Thurber Prize (for American humour) in 2008 and subsequently found its way into cinemas this summer courtesy of director Chris Columbus, where it was met by a unanimously lukewarm reception.

Its accompanying soundtrack is what you would expect of a teen rom-com set in an American high school: a messy mix of pop, hip-hop and MOR rock with an obligatory clichéd nod towards nostalgia – in this case Alice Cooper's Schools Out – and the kind of saccharine-saturated pulp emotion (Kiss mawkishly crooning the excruciating Beth) that can trigger a coma long before the dreary middle eight kicks in. In other words: this is categorically not a disc that 'rawks'.

If you have to buy this (but why?) it won't be because of the three brief bursts of Christophe Beck's composing-by-numbers score. But if you're a fan of The Hives, The Perishers, The Kooks, Gym Class Heroes, Airbourne, Eleni Mandell, OK Go or Smokey Robinson (no, it doesn't make sense to me either) then you're better off downloading whatever tracks you want rather than have to endure listening to this totally unnecessary, utterly forgettable ragbag in its pointless entirety.

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