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Me & You Floating Heavy Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

A somewhat retro appraoch to the genre...with an elephant on the cover!

Rob Crossan 2007

Re-cycling a ten-year-old Roni Size riff is about as welcome as a bout of septicemia in most parts these days, but that, in their infinite wisdom is what TM Duke and Robert Luis have done on the first track of this, their first foray away from DJ’ing into recording a full-length original album.

Despite the ill-advised sample from New Forms the opening tracks fizzle and pop in a style reminiscent of the more funky, kids romper room moments from Mr. Scruff’s Trouser Jazz album, albeit without being on quite such an intense caffeine and sugar rush.

The duos’, ‘everything and, hell, the kitchen sink too’ approach to different genres works on ‘'Sneaker Thief'’ and ‘'Elephant Takeover'’ but the eclectic bent starts to seem increasingly ill-advised as the initial bongo eyed enthusiasm gives up the ghost in favour of the particularly anemic drum and bass of ‘'Wouri River'’. The downturn continues with the attempt to cover every musical genre under the sun reaching a nadir with the howlingly clumsy segueing of classic calypso balladry into drum and bass.

There’s nothing disastrously incompetent here and this is album will be perfectly palatable on a festival loudspeaker, but on closer examination, this just doesn’t quite cut it. Stinking sleeve too. If we wanted a picture of an elephant swimming underwater then we’d all have gone to ‘'Athena'’ for a poster ages ago lads.

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