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Flying Lotus Pattern + Grid World Review

EP. Released 2010.  

BBC Review

It may sound like an addendum to Cosmogramma, but it's no less essential for that.

Colin Buttimer 2010

Is Flying Lotus the most interesting artist working in hip hop today? With so many contenders, it would be a silly claim to make, but his work is undoubtedly fascinating. Expectations are high after the wonderfully imaginative album Cosmogramma, released earlier this year. The title of this seven-track, 20-minute EP suggests it's a companion piece to the album; which is, in fact, the case.

Opener Clay is a busy, sci-fi workout, the whole thing threatening to pull itself apart at the seams such is the pressure of the heavily textured rhythm. The impact is psychedelic and well-night irresistible. The charmingly titled (and only slightly tempting) Kill Your Co-Workers spends nearly a minute in lighthearted toy-town mode before speeding into the distance on 8-bit video game sonics that recall Cosmogramma's prologue, Clock Catcher.

Pie Face maintains the frenetic pace before Time Vampires slows things down for a busy, trippy couple of minutes that are the musical equivalent of the morning after a really heavy night. High-pitched flutes dance in wayward fashion until a whole pack of knitting needles, some one-note humming and what might just be a chorus exclaiming "Cheese!" arrives to divest itself of Jurassic Notion/M Theory.

Camera Day is hazy and drenched in woozy sunlight, then Physics for Everyone! wraps things up with a hypnotic and all too brief rhythm/melody workout. Pattern + Grid World may sound like an addendum to Cosmogramma, but it's no less essential for that.

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